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Steve Hather on Email notifications for lead behavior/sequence progress. If you are really encouraging people to use Kartra for a website, a "contact us" form is really basic functionality and given the bells and whistles you guys have, I can’t figure why you don’t have that.

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Kartra Update: Your Email Notifications Just Got Organized Written by Kartra Our Dev team is kinda like Santa’s Elves (minus the pointy hats and green outfits) – they’re working around the clock to bring you updates that make running your business a a smooth and seamless experience.

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Kartra Special Offer. Is This Really The Single Biggest Breakthrough In The History Of Internet Marketing?. Used for receiving notification of kartra purchases. important: scroll back down to the bottom of this page again after clicking SEND.

Integrated calendars within Kartra to schedule one to one coaching sessions, recurring classes, gym memberships, online summits/events, etc. It’s really useful as all the appointments and scheduling syncs with Kartra emails. A great update. Better organization of email notifications

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Ben Rich Skunk Works CEO John Glass on Disable New Post notification. Notifications for a post can be edited via the membership wizard including whether you want it to occur or not. There are no email notifications that can be turned off an on via the account profile anymore.

Kartra email notifications are emails that Kartra sends out automatically when something happens, such as a sale, or a refund request. These used to be in one giant list and you had to scroll and individually edit to choose an audience.

Powered by KARTRA 50% Complete. Air options notification list. We’ll let you know when Air Options launches. Plus, we’ll send. your free resource guide right away as a thank you! Send my guide and keep me updated.

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