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To build a funnel, start at the end. Hearing about that was kind of a lightbulb moment for me, too. In a way, it was so obvious. And yet it’s the kind of simple statement that you can forget to make explicit when you’re deep in marketing-land. The typical sales funnel diagram can be accidentally deceiving.

Nathan Kittrell. Nathan Kittrell is the Founder/President at Scale A Sale – a sales & marketing agency focused on generating more revenue for businesses. Nathan is a business growth expert with extensive sales and marketing experience in the technology space as both a seller and leader.

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The easier you make it for people to take action, the more sales you’ll generate through your sales funnel. Whether you prefer the traditional sales funnel stages or the acronym AIDA, the results are the same: customers enter the sales funnel and through a process of discernment, choose to either move to another solution or purchase from you.

A clear sales funnel will measure what works and identify the best ways to focus your marketing and sales efforts. Start measuring now. You can grow your store by attracting more leads or by doing a better job of selling to the leads that you have.

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5 Steps to Building Your First online sales funnel 1. Create a great landing page. 2. present a front-end offer. 3. Give an upsell offer on the back end. 4. Offer a downsize option. 5. Keep it going.

You're busy, right? Working on a new product or two, your website, maybe a day job too. The idea of building a sales funnel to wrangle new.

In part 1 of this series, I discussed the metrics of our outbound sales funnel for our SaaS company PhoneWagon. I talked about how if we make 100 dials a day we will ultimately get 1 sale from those.

How to Setup an Ecommerce Sales Funnel. In all, an understanding and proper use of the sales funnel can help fuel and increase your online sales. Think about your customer, and think about how you can facilitate each stage of their buying journey. Here are the steps: build awareness by offering value.