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Email: As a User of the Kartra Software, you can send a specific number of emails per month depending on the package purchased without additional fees. For each additional 1 thousand emails, you will incur a charge of US $0.99.

Email or Phone: Password: forgot account? home. Reviews. Menu. Photos. Posts. Videos. Events. About. Community. Info and ads. katralounge.. katra Lounge and Events. scape. Morocco is a distant land so intrinsically ornate that for many of us the image has only existe.

How Can "My Pages" Help My Business? Customize Your.. That's why Kartra includes a robust email campaign system. finely target your.


From the Desk of Brian Walsh. 20 November 2018 . You deserve success. Do you know why I know that. because we all deserve it. No one was singled out to struggle in life.

Kartra Update: Introducing Kartra Campaign Sharing! Written by Kartra Imagine.being able to offer your very own tried-and-true, custom-designed campaigns and marketing assets for sale to any of the thousands of Kartra users already out there, not to mention all the new users subscribing to Kartra every single day.

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Kartra redefines the paradigm for running an online business. Marketers can say goodbye to having to research, configure and experiment with a plethora of marketing, checkout and email delivery platforms, while paying a separate and often exorbitant fee for each of them. To quote many of our own customers: Kartra truly is a game changer!

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If you set up a Quicket account when you booked, you can login and change it there. Alternatively send an email to and they will sort it for you.. Powered by KARTRA. In just 2 years Brian grew his Facebook page from a few hundred likes to over 350 000 likes, one.

Learn More About Kartra’s Features (Click To Activate) The Quick Launch Campaign is a Video sales letter (vsl)-based sales campaign. It begins with an Educational VSL to keep your audience interested (along with a soft pitch). If they don’t purchase, a scarcity-based email sequence will drive them to a Non-Educational VSL to encourage a purchase.

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